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Busy :3
Ahad, 16 September 2012 | 0 Comments

Assalamualaikum and Annyeong Haseyo // chingu's :
Heyya , Alohaa Everybody . Ohmygad , I miss my blog so much . okay and YES ! My blog changed again . kay , How my skin ? Beautiful or Ugly -.- ? arghh , whatever . I don't care . Provided simple :) Yeahhh , hohoho --' kayy , How are you ? Hope fine and I Alhamdulillah Fine walafiat . Heyya , This week and next week , I maybe Busy . Too Busy :3 Lalala , kayy . I start yaa ? Listen !

I have A friend , capital I . Dear My Bestfriend , I want to tell you many things at you but I just want to say at you that I Love You so much and I Hate You so damn Fucking much :3 How dare you do me like This . I feel like I ni Sampahh =.= I really miss You yang dulu punya because you changed now . Hope you Understand me and hope we will friend again . Friend , I Love you  Without you , My life not perfect . No one want to take care about me . I always boring . Please , If I had made wrong at you , I so sorry . I didn't mean to make you like that :3
About My Bicara Berirama , It's okay and now I feel good =) Next month I will go for Bicara Berirama Competition National Level . Wish me luck and and succesful . Thanks :) Wait me Melaka . Goodbye Kelantan and Aloha Melaka .
29 I will go to Melaka . Okay , Crazy excited -.- Err , I have many plans before I go to Melaka . Want to know what it is ? Kay , I want to buy many new cloth , jeans , and shorts . I also want eat less food and kumpul duit banyak-2 . That's all . Jyeahh , it just easy :) But the most importantly , I want to Finish all my homework before I go . Hope I can Finish my homework :3

I now form 1 and when I form 3 , PMR gone . Dear PBS , I really hate you . Sorry . Everyday , You make me stress . Why ahh ? I now always busy and now Too busy because many My PBS , incomplete . I Want to complete all my PBS and I want B6 For all subject . Hope I get , Amin =) I also want to be The Best Student PBS for Boy category . Hope I Successful . Kay , I want to finish my homework . so , Goodbye Everybody . Thanks Read My Entry . Sorry If my English Bad !